Infant / Toddler Program

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We provide second language learning: Spanish & Mandarin

TEXT or CALL: (408) 781-8428

Rainbow CDC’s 10 components about infants /toddler programs

1. Child Care Programs Following Appropriate Health and Safety Practices 

2. Staff Well Trained in Early Childhood Development (0-3) 

3. Age Appropriate Environments 

4. Small Groups with Optimal Ratios 

5. Primary Caregiver and Continuity of Care

6. Active and Responsive Caregiving to Support Children’s Development 

7. Curriculum, Observation and Individualized Programming 

8. Emerging Language and Literacy 

9. Family Involvement and Cultural Continuity 

10. Comprehensive Support Services

Social growth: Small group activity supply an opportunity for children to develop their social skills. Stories telling time and singing time to create an environment for children to express their feeling and encourage them to use language skills.

Self-help skills: Your toddler practices hand washing, putting on a coat, picking up toys and sharing with friends; all in a safe and nurturing childcare setting.

Developmental activity:Guide toddlers to strengthen gross motor skills and fine motor skills

potty training: Help toddlers to be awareness and readiness about potty training.

Instilling confidence:Toddlers will gain confidence by joining the activity, discussing something, answer some questions.

Rainbow Childhood Development Center is listed on Subsidized Child Care program

  • My daughter started at RCDC just after she turned 1. She moved from a small family daycare and Ms Helen and her staff helped ease her into the program very well. I loved how well engaged all the kids were. My daughter learnt a lot of words, could even sing a few rhymes and dance to all of them within a few months! I could tell she loved it there. :)
    - Ramya S .
  • We found RCDC on yelp at a very short notice. They are a day care and a preschool. Luckily, they had a spot for an infant. Our son was enrolled with them initially from the age of 7-9 months.
    Then I took a break until our son was 1.5 years of age when we started with them again. Now he is 3 and we are moving to San Jose and we are really going to miss RCDC.
    - Asmita B .
  • My daughter has been with Miss Helen for the past 2 years (since she was 6 months old).  I've been looking for new schools recently (my husband changed jobs so we need to change my daughter's school) and I can say that RCDC is one of the best out there.  There are many reasons we love RCDC but below are the top ones that are unique to RCDC
    - Kim C.
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Infants/Toddler Center

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